About TCCC

Our History

City and County Childcare Committees (CCCs) were established in 2001 They are funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) and act as a local agent for DCYA in the administration of all aspects of national early childhood care and education programmes and the implementation of the government priorities for the delivery of quality childcare services. The CCCs are often the first port of call for both parents and childcare providers when trying to access many of today’s early years care and education initiatives.

The Office of Tipperary Childcare Committee  is located on the 2nd floor of the Civic Offices , Friar Street , Cashel .Co Tipperary

Tipperary Childcare Committee

Our Mission

“To encourage and co-ordinate the development of child-centred, flexible, accessible childcare in Tipperary that offers a choice of a high-quality service for all, in a stable and secure environment.”

Our mission statement represents TCCC’s core purpose, commitment and priorities which motivates and guides our work and actions.  As an organisation, we model our core values as we perform every aspect of our work.


 Our Charitable Purpose

“To support the development of quality, affordable, accessible, inclusive early years care and education services for all children in County Tipperary. This will be achieved through the implementation of the childcare funding programmes and the practice frameworks in Tipperary on behalf of the Government”.

Board Of Directors

Membership of the board is drawn from a broad range of stakeholders combining Tipperary regional and national experience and expertise.

“Our voluntary board consists of the following members who generously give their time and expertise to ensure the smooth running of Tipperary Childcare Committee Ltd”



Registered Charity Number:                      20152079

Company Registration Number:                562291

Charity Number:                                           CHY21517


Current Board Members as of April 2023:

    • Darren Ryan, Chairperson
    • Caroline Lydon, Vice Chairperson
    • Olive Carter, Secretary
    • Ger Corbett
    • Lorraine Duane
    • Edel Meehan
    • Julie White


We are transparent about how we are funded and how those funds are used to support the childcare services in Tipperary please click below for a copy of our 2020 report.

Annual Report 2021:

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2021