2017 Capital Grants

Click on the sections below to find information in relation to the Capital Grants for 2017 and other frequently asked questions.

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Yes, all children registered on PIP on the 28th of February 2017

No, there is no requirement to create spaces, it’s for improvement works.

We are asking for just one quote, the layout should have a date and explain what the quote is for.

Not for the application, only services that are successful will need to fulfil public procurement guidelines.

Strand 1 Section 4 states “the provision of new early years services in areas where demand is evidenced but is clearly not being met”

Only a service with s DCYA reference number can apply, if they are changing or moving they can use the current DCYA ref number and then provide the new DCYA reference number in order to receive the grant.

A person proposing a new service that currently doesn’t have a DCYA ref number will have to wait and obtain one before they can apply

It’s on the application form. The same as last year where a document needs to be attached thee is a button to browse and attach documents.  Please see online support videos that demonstrate this in full as well as the technical guide.

Equipment, such as tables and chairs.  Also permanent shelving ect…  I would advise services to attach the quotes the feel the project needs into the application with a rationale of why they are needed.

Any equipment which is essential to allow the expansion of the service.

They should not be applying for the same project as the project should have been completed and reported on.  But if they wish to apply for a new project they may.

Yes, eligible community providers can apply for all 3 strands, and private providers can apply for S1 and S3.

This will be looked at on a case by case basis.  We would strongly recommended that the service only submit eligible costs as per the guidelines but in the case where an ineligible cost is submitted it will be looked at during the appraisal process.

If the applicant feels one quote will provide the appraiser with enough information in relation to the project then that is fine.  They can add more quotes under the sections if they feel it gives a fuller picture of their application.

The maximum amount that can be applied for under equipment is €5000 all other costs must relate to capital works.

A planning number or letter from the local authority must be provided in order for the application to proceed.

The form cannot be completed off line and can only be submitted through PIP, if a service wished to add to the form over a period of time they may save it as a draft.

(To get a letter stating this may take a couple of weeks to issue and will cost €80. )

The applicant must upload a letter from their local authority to state that planning isn’t required.

Services with 25 or less ‘unique’ children registered on PIP as of the 28/2/2017 who did not receive any funding for an outdoor area under EYC 2013.

‘Unique children’ refers to the actual number of children attending the service. This means that if a child is registered on PIP under two different programmes e.g. ECCE and TEC, the child will only be counted as one for the purpose of the application.

No, it does not matter if the service has a limited capacity and only has 15 children in attendance at a time, if they have more than 25 unique children registered on PIP they are not eligible for S3.

Yes the potential new owner can apply for Strand 3 under the existing DCYA reference number but should also apply for her new DCYA reference number as a matter of urgency. While the application can go ahead, the new owner will only get the capital when she has a new number and has complied with all other required criteria for becoming a new owner.

Where do I get more information?

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