Its that time of year again. Here in TCCC we are in the process of approving the fees lists and calendars, as we go through the fees lists we are seeing some common errors  :

  • Your session description should explain what the session type is e.g. ECCE session 9 am – 12 pm (rather than just saying ECCE). You must put in the times, we will HAVE to query your fees list if this is not done.
  • Please Note: sessional – any session up to 3.5 hours. Part time – any session over 3.5 to 5 hours. Full time-is any session over 5 hours.
  • Sessional services should remember that you need to include your ECCE session and a non ECCE session, for those parents who may want to start their children before they are ECCE eligible but are over 2 years 8 months.
  • There seems to be some confusion over the one entry point and the 2 years and 8 months eligibility. The term entry point in this case means- the point in which the child must have reached 2years and 8 months by in order to be deemed eligible for the programme year.  For example a child born in February 2016 WILL NOT be eligible for ECCE  2018 and must wait until  Sept 2019. A child born in December 2015 IS eligible for Sept 2018 but can choose not to enter until any point of that programme year.  There is an ECCE age calculator on our web page that you can use.
  • In Fee Details, the column ‘Fee Including ECCE’ should have the amount charged to parents when the ECCE capitation has been taken off. If it’s an ECCE 3 hour session only, this should say €0, if it’s a full day care that charges €170 per week, the column should say €105.5. Next to this column is the Fee Excluding ECCE column which is the full fee chargeable to parents without any capitation deductions.
  • €64.50 is the standard rate of ECCE deduction for all parents, the increase to €69 for standard capitation includes a €4.50 increase for providers towards quality and investment back into the staff and service.
  • Even if your service offers no deposits, discounts or optional extras,YOU MUST STILL fill out that there are no charges under each category, you cannot leave it blank. The information in the fees list is used to automatically populate the parent’s letters, therefore, all or no charges must be clearly outlined at the start of each ECCE year for every parent.
  • Fees lists with errors are queried by TCCC directly through PIP.

For further assistance please contact the office on 062 64200 and ask to speak to your development officer.