Child Care Regulations

It is the duty of every person carrying on a preschool service to take all reasonable measures to safeguard the Health, Safety and Welfare of the children attending the service and to comply with the CHILD CARE ACT 1991 (EARLY YEARS SERVICES) REGULATIONS 2016. The Child and Family Agency has a statutory responsibility to assess levels of compliance with the Regulations. The Child and Family Agency will work with service providers in partnership to promote a culture of compliance with the Regulations. This does not preclude the Child and Family Agency from taking legal action following an Inspection if deemed necessary. The Health, Safety and Welfare of the children remain paramount.

  • Questions asked to Tusla Early Years Inspectorate: This Q& A document initially was developed following briefing sessions the early years inspectorate had with the sector in May and June 2016 and has been updated in December 2016. Attendance at the briefing was 3,835. questions gathered came from providers, city and county childcare committees and from stakeholder groups.