If you are an existing Childminder or thinking of becoming a Childminder, there is a wealth of information available through the links on this page.

Here at the Tipperary Childcare Committee (TCCC) in Cashel we are always happy to help you with all aspects of becoming a Childminder and continue to support you as you develop a quality Childminding service/business. This service is free and confidential. The following is a brief summary of relevant information for Childminders –



Tipperary County Childcare Committee’s role in supporting Childminders

– free support system for Childminders

– promote voluntary notification of Childminders

– provide advisory visits to Childminders homes

– provide information and training for Childminders

– facilitate the establishment of local networks for Childminders

– provide Childminder Vacancy list for parents

Childcare Services Relief (Childminders’ tax exemption):

Childminders taking care of 3 or fewer children under the age of 18 may be entitled to avail of the Childcare Services Relief from the Revenue Commissioners, provided their annual childminding income comes to no more than €15,000.

To apply for the Childcare Services Relief, childminders are obliged to make an annual tax return of their childminding income to the Revenue Commissioners and must also provide evidence that they have notified Tipperary Childcare Committee that they are providing a childminding service.

Childminding Development Grant

Eligible childminders may avail of a capital grant of up to €1,000 under the Childminder Development Grant Scheme. This can be used to buy safety equipment, toys or to make minor adjustments to the childminder’s home to enhance or establish the childminding service.

You are welcome to call in, contact Ger by phone on 087 9268000 / 062 64200 or email anytime between 9 am and 5pm Mon – Fri.


The Voluntary Notification Process

Voluntary Notification benefits Childminders by providing you with information and regular updates on training and networks.

TCCC staff work with Childminders to help enhance the quality of their services.
It also benefits Childminders who wish to:

– operate to high standards

– have their work valued and their contribution to the childcare sector recognised

– have their names included on a public list of Childminders which is made available to parents (optional)

– obtain guidance on the development of policies and standards in childcare

– participate in training, networking and other opportunities

– attend conferences, seminars and other events for Childminders organised by Tipperary CCC

– avail of financial supports such as the Childminder Development Grant scheme and the €15,000 Childminder Tax Exemption

– remove the isolation often experienced by Childminders

– contact parents who are seeking family-based childcare places