Dear Providers,

Below you will find some helpful resources to help you manage, control and prevent infectious diseases and identify notifiable disease.

HPSC is part of the Health Service Executive and works in partnership with health service providers and sister organisations in Ireland and around the world, to provide the best possible information for the control and prevention of infectious diseases. HPSC strives to protect and improve the health of the Irish population by providing timely information and independent advice, and by carrying out disease surveillance, epidemiological investigation and related research and training.

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Infections are common in children and can occasionally result in illness in a child or outbreaks of illness in groups of children. When children
are placed in a childcare setting they come into contact with far greater numbers of other children than might otherwise be possible, providing greater opportunity to be exposed to a range of infections.This guidance document is intended to provide simple and effective strategies for prevention of infectious diseases in childcare and to be a reference source regarding the prevention and control of infection in pre-school childcare settings

To download a Guide to Infection Prevention & Control for Childcare Facilities  Click here

The HSE along with the Health Protection Surveillance Centre have published a document titled the ‘Management of Infectious Disease in Childcare Facilities and Other Childcare Settings’.

This guidance document is intended primarily for use by Managers and Owners of Childcare Facilities as a resource for simple guidance on the basic principles of prevention and control of the common infections encountered among children in such facilities.  It provides a valuable compilation of legislation as it applies to managing the threat of infectious disease. It is also intended as a resource for those professionals with responsibility for managing infections in childcare facilities.

To download Management of Infectious Disease in Childcare Facilities and Other Childcare Settings  Click here