Parent & Toddler Groups in Tipperary

A Parent & Toddler Group is a group of parents/carers and their children who meet regularly in a suitable location, for example, a community centre, parish or sports hall.

While these groups are great for giving children an opportunity to play and socialise in a safe supervised environment, they are also very beneficial for the parents/carers as they get to meet others in similar circumstances who live in their local area.

P&T groups provide a great support network where parents have an opportunity to share their experiences and advice.

Children learn to play and socialise with one another through different activities. They develop new skills and become independent which helps them greatly when they move on to pre-school and primary school. For more information on the Parent and Toddler Groups in your area you can contact Elaine on 062-64200 or email

Grant Information for Parent & Toddler Groups:

The so21 P&T grant process is now open. The closing date for applications is Friday 30th July 2021.For any information on setting up a parent and toddler group in your area please contact the office 062-64200

Parent & Toddler Groups in Tipperary:

Please see the attached list for the active groups in North Tipperary. Our list of groups in the south of the County us being updated.

Community Mothers North Tipp list of groups

Parent and toddler groups north 2020

Parent and toddler groups south 2020

For information on Parent and Toddler groups in your area please contact: or phone 062 64200

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