On Tuesday 26 January, Government made the decision to extend the suspension of the ECCE programme and to continue to restrict access to other Early Learning and Childcare services to the children of essential workers and to vulnerable children. It is currently planned for these arrangements to be in place until 5 March.


The overall funding approach outlined in the document attached below will cover the period of 1 February to 5 March subject to decisions by Government. Commitments to funding in any given cycle relate only to that cycle and do not give rise to ongoing commitments.

This FAQ document replaces previous versions relating to the January 2021 arrangements. The provisions within the January FAQ document expire on 31 January and are replaced by the provisions of this document.
Specific updates and revisions to this FAQ document may be made to provide additional detail as necessary and if further information becomes available.
As the decisions of Government change and evolve based on health advice and associated conditions impacting business and services across the State, DCEDIY will continue to direct and advise within the context of those decisions.
These FAQs may also be subject to further change within the parameters of Government decisions should a health or fiscal policy need arise.

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