The TUSLA Inspection tool is now available to be downloaded and viewed at the link below. The inspection tool to be used by Tusla Inspectors until the Quality Regulatory Framework is published

As you maybe aware the CHILD CARE ACT 1991 (EARLY YEARS SERVICES) REGULATIONS 2016 are now in force. TUSLA intends to accompany these 2016 Regulations with a Quality Regulatory Framework (QRF) which will clearly explain what is expected under each Regulation.

At yesterday’s Tusla Consultative Forum, Tusla indicated that a draft QRF will be available for consultation in September/October and ready for publication at the end of the year. Consequently, TUSLA has published an Inspection Tool on its website which is for the most part a continuation of the old inspection tool and is to be used by TUSLA Inspectors until the QRF is published.

TUSLA have also indicated that they will be publishing an FAQ, based on the questions that came up at their roadshow, by the end of this week.

Here is a link to the Inspection Tool published on their